Photographer: Björn Lans


img-1981Susanna Maria Limell was born the year of 1981 in Sweden. She grew up in Torsång, Dalarna, an area rich in   culture and tradition. As a child she gained an increasing interest for the act of dancing and singing. In her teens she actively competed in synchronized swimming, a graceful water-dancing event and Olympic sport. At the age of 16 she earned a position in the Swedish national team for juniors.

img-2006When she graduated with her high school degree of social sciences, she applied to and was accepted to Balettakademien in Gothenburg. This academy offered her a three-year dance education with a main focus on jazz, modern, ballet and tap. Susanna lived in New York City, Manhattan, for 16 months from January of 2005 – April of 2006. She attended the international student visa program at Dance New Amsterdam and Steps on Broadway. In 2015 Susanna also graduated from the Stockholm University of the Arts, with a Degree of Bachelor of Arts in Upper Secondary Education.

Since moving back to Stockholm, Susanna has worked as a freelance dancer. You have seen her in productions like Magnus Uggla´s Revy, Soirè Rouge Dinner Show, The Saloon Show at High Chaparral, The Wizard of Oz – Glada Hudik teatern, A Brand New Christmas Show – Nordiska kompaniet NK. In addition, she has worked as a producer for Peace & Love Festival, Cre8 Dance Company and limellomolino. Through her years as a freelancer, Susanna also worked as a dance teacher and group exercise instructor for Kühlers DansskolaBase23 Stockholm Dance Academy, House of Shapes, and SATS.

The year of 2013 – 2018 Susanna worked as a choreographer and dancer/actress in the production of Glada Hudik Theater; The Wizard of Oz. Screenplay and Director: Pär Johansson. Lyrics and Music: Salem Al Fakir and Pontus de Wolfe. Choreography: Susanna Limell and Martin Redhe Nord. The year of 2019 – 2020 Susanna had the honor to work as a choreographer in the latest production/movie of Glada Hudik Theater; CATWALK – från Glada Hudik till New York.