”Aylan Kurdi”

Venue: Scen Studio fyra, Balettakademien. Sommarhappening, 2019. Choreography and dancer: Susanna Limell (work in progress)

In the future I hope this could be a platform of discussion about humanity and integration, for young adults, 15-18 years.

”Imagine that you and your loved ones have to leave your home, without knowing if you`ll ever return. Maybe you have to say good bye to your friends and relatives. The last hug. You convice yourself that; there have to be a way, everything is going to be ok… and head off to your dream about living in a country in peace and hopefully… love. And the journey begins.

Will you make it over the ocean. Will other make sure I´ll make it over the ocean. If we fall… please reach for my hand. I will hold on to it, all the way…. I had it all figured out, we were supposed to stick together. But I couldn´t reach you hand… I couldn´t reach you at all.. And now you are gone.”

Photographer: Fabian Kriese

Photography: Fabian Kriese

Photographer: Fabian Kriese



Venues: Stadshuset, Stockholm, Cozmoz, Borlänge 2007, Scen Studio Fyra, Stockholm 2009.
Dancers: Hedvig Falkman, Josefin Battersby, Maria Hydén, Susanna Limell and Victor Molino.
Choreography: Susanna Limell
Dressmaker: Sacha Jean Baptiste.

Photographer: Martin PetterssonPhotographer: Martin PetterssonPhotographer: Martin Pettersson

Clown, why tears


Dancer/Choreography: Susanna Limell

Photographer: Per Leijström

Photographer: Per Leijström

John Bauer

A Dance Interpretation of John Bauer´s painting:

Prinsessan av Tuvstarr - John BauerPrinsessan och trollen - John Bauer


Venue: Torsångs kyrka (December)

  • 2014 Koppången
  • 2012 Ave Maria
  • 2011 Walking in the air

Midsummer Eve

Venue: Torsångs Gammelgård (June)

  • 2007 Fragrance
  • 2006 Harmony
  • 2004 Blossom
  • 2003 Dreams about love


Cre8 Dance Company

Venues: Fryshuset and Peace & Love, Borlänge 2003 – 2006, Falun Street, 2006.
Dancers, choreographers and producers: Daniel Larsson, Frank Sehlstedt, Jenny Fromm Sehlstedt, Sara Sandgren, Susanna Limell, Susanna Thorén and Victor Molino.


Venues: Maximteatern 2008 and Fryshuset, Borlänge 2010.

Dancers, choreographers and producers: Victor Molino and Susanna Limell
The burning creativity that Sanna Limell and Victor Molino had in common was the beginning of limellomolino. Victor and Sanna met in New York in 2005. The first appearance with limellomolino was in May, 2008. limellomolino, a dance duo with influences from other art forms. limellomolino